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 LFDH training


  • Unlimited access to training *

  • Lifetime follow-up

  • Customizable written courses

  • Questions / answers by course and by topic

  • Validations

  • Private space

  • Access to Workshop Days at a Discounted price

  • Datadocké Training Center

  • The accompanying videos and extracts

  • Testimonials

Accés en Illimité

Unlimited access to training

The Remote Shade Designer training allows you to have unlimited access 7 days a week and 24 hours a day .

This wherever you are as long as you have a connection. On a practical and educational level, you can watch a course beforehand, for example in public transport, soak up the gestures and the methodology. You make the most of your time by already learning just by watching. You can also revise your previous lessons in this way. Your time is precious and you put it to good use


Module 1 or 2: 9 months

Modules 1 and 2: 12 months

Private Space: 3 years

Suivi à Vie

Key points of a successful training

  • SEE and review as much as you want every detail, a forgotten step, a gesture.

  • HEAR in a calm atmosphere, listen to as much as necessary.

  • FOCUS in a chosen place, calmly, be receptive at all times

  • WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE and optimizing your time, by organizing yourself as well as possible in your life.

  • DEVELOP YOUR AUTONOMY by asking yourself, by developing your choices, actions, personality

  • SHARE QUESTION without limit, without disturbing another person, reread the answers, have clear, organized, rapid exchanges

  • MEMORIZE Thanks to the "Private Space" access during the 3 years following the training (Face-to-face and at a distance)

  • REVISE several months later as needed with the "Extension" modules 1, 3 or 6 months

Ancre 1

Lifetime follow-up

You have the possibility to speak directly with me for any question and that in unlimited by mail.

The exchange by email is a privileged choice. It allows you to respond in a precise and detailed way
  with each question, send photos and correct them. Some answers may be accompanied by explanatory diagrams. The exchange is adapted to each stage of the training, you can categorize it and come back to it when you feel the need.
This is the most efficient method.
  If I am not available immediately, I will always respond quickly anyway.
The advantage of online training is that you are always free to view other videos in order to keep improving.

You are accompanied. e systematically at the start of your training in order to address technical, practical and presentation questions, during a telephone or Skype interview lasting one hour

At the end of your training, I will be at your side to help you and support you in monitoring your business project.

You are then accompanied in your  procedures with your customers, until you become completely autonomous.

Cours écrits

Customizable written courses

All training is accompanied by courses  interactive and downloadable writings, with precise notes, relating to each step of the video and customizable with your personal notes and photos. Adding your photos helps with memorization.

Each written course takes up the follow-up of each chapter. This method allows you to think through each step of the production of the lampshade.

Example for a Lampshade from Module 2

1  Materials and supplies 
2  The layout of the template 
3  Cutting the polyphane 
4  Panel adjustment n ° 1
5  Panel adjustment n ° 2 
​​ 6  Laminating the fabric 
   The  sample realization 
8  Preparation of margins 
9  Installation of panels n ° 1 
10 Installation of panels n ° 2 
11 Laying the braid


Questions answers

Each video is accompanied by questions / answers. They are classified according to the topic, either general or relative to the chapter of the course. Sometimes "specific information" is added to improve knowledge.

You are systematically  notified of new Questions / Answers on the home page of the Training site


Validations (Option)

One validation per Module, i.e. 6 case studies (see description in the Professional Training sheet)

Espace Privé

Private space

The private area brings together all the practical information, such as:

  • browsing the site, setting up training

  • The "Basic Techniques" videos

  • Direct access to written courses so as not to have to systematically return to your "Videos" courses

  • Validations

  • The list of Suppliers and updates (Module2)


Datadocké Training Center

DATADOCK is the referencing platform common to all funders on which training organizations are required to register in order to prove their compliance with the quality requirements provided for by law. The law of March 5, 2014 entrusts all funders of vocational training with the responsibility of monitoring and controlling the quality of the training organizations with which they work, to improve the transparency of the training offer and encourage increased support. progressive quality of training actions.

formation abat-jour référencé Datadock
Vidéos et Extraits

The accompanying videos, extracts ...

You want to know even more, you want to know how a video course is going, to know how the training is taken care of overall. Here are extracts from videos, extracts from courses, of the establishment of Distance Learning.


And of course, I remain at your disposal, to discuss and provide you with any information relating to your project in order to best meet your expectations.


Testimonials ...

On the strength of the experience acquired as an Art Craftsman and Professional Face-to-Face Trainer, the effectiveness of distance training is proven. Set up 5 years ago, several people have made this choice for various reasons (financial, geographic, family, professional, reduced mobility, or simply by taste)

100% are completely satisfied and fully pass the Training. All the important points are thought out with precision, with anticipation so that you follow this training in peace, in all serenity, with maximum concentration, without you having to worry about the practical aspect. I am here to help you, to support you in your efforts. You are always accompanied.

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