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Abat-jour Froncé et ruchets Formation à Distance et stages



  • 12 months for 1 module alone

  • 18 months for modules 1 and 2

MATERIAL REQUIRED : A computer + an Internet connection + Option Pack * Supplies


  • MODULE 1 or 2  € 1,250

  •   MODULES  1 & 2  € 2,200  (26 hours of Videos)

  • OPTION PACK Supplies  390 €

  • VALIDATION OPTION by module  € 190



The advantages of Distance Learning

Abat-jour victorien Formation à Distance et stages
  • Unlimited access to training

  • Lifetime follow-up

  • Customizable written courses

  • Questions answers

  • Skype exchanges  or Unlimited zoom

  • Private space

  • Validations (Optional)

Why take Distance Learning

  • Benefits mentioned above (follow-up, access to private space, written courses, validations, etc.)

  • Flexibility for your training dates

  • Individual follow-up adapted to your project / Optimized time

  • Work in the place of your choice for an optimal concentration essential in this precision trade

  • Access to all "Basic techniques" videos for 3 years, for efficient monitoring

  • Flexibility: You can resume all or part of your training at any time for review

  • Health security, peace of mind.

  • (organization, financial gains, savings in accommodation and travel costs, long-term training)

The Role of the Designer Shade

Formation Abat-jour sur mesure En ligne à distance en presentiel
  • Advising clients made up of individuals, professionals (architects, decorators, upholsterers, antique dealers, hospitality and catering professionals)

  • Identify the client's expectations, desires and personality. You are helped by your own experience and by validated and recognized communication techniques.

  • Provide a response respecting expectations and budgets, deadlines.

  • Respect your style, your convictions, that is to say sometimes knowing how to say "No" and say why, by proposing more satisfactory solutions for the client

  • Listening to the environment (Trade fairs, exhibitions, trends, new techniques)

Programme Formation

Each module has a "Face-to-face" equivalence between 50 and 55 hours


1. Initiation

The first Module consists of 8 lampshades (excluding Capsules) and additional videos (Basic techniques, equipment, raw material supplies)

You learn all the basics that allow you to create a first collection on your own

One of the objectives of this Module is to give you extreme precision in order to immediately acquire the know-how of a professional. 

You are guided to also acquire your "own" gestures. This is what will define your "Style", your "Paw"

No gesture is bad, if it is thought to achieve its goal.

3 Capsules : The gathered conical neck (Charlotte), The simple stretched pagoda, the Twist pagoda with 2 mounts of braids

The capsules complement certain courses in order to provide more in-depth knowledge for more specific forms or techniques.

les abat-jour de la formation Module 1 initiation
Abat-jour Couture Froncé à col
Complement de formation abat-jour

2. Development

The second Module consists of 6 lampshades (excluding Capsules) and theoretical courses. (Order from Suppliers, Customer, Quote, List Suppliers)

You revise and you  perfect in terms of technicality on more complex models and shapes. This module invites you to perfect technical gestures, to acquire reflexes to then give you more freedom in your creativity.

One of the objectives of this Module is to teach you to work in a "purified" way because we are in this tendency, and especially because it teaches you to work the "finishes" which cannot then be hidden by artifices ( See Blog Article °

Capsule 1 : False pleats, smocking, ruffles

Capsule 2 : The complex shapes in laminated for the Burmese, the Victorian pagoda, the Rising Sun, the palm tree, the Colonial

The capsules complement certain courses in order to provide more in-depth knowledge for more specific forms or techniques.

les abat-jour de la formation Module 2 perfectionnement LFDH
formation abat-jour module les chinoiseries et formes complexes

3. Advanced Techniques

Module 3 is complementary to your Professional training (1 and 2).

Composed of 7 specific lampshades, it was created at the request of certain trainees wishing to know other techniques, without having to spend precious time researching themselves.

Confirmed Designer lampshade, Module 3 offers you the opportunity to deepen your know-how using new techniques.

Module 3 can be followed by people who have completed vocational training (Modules 1 & 2) or by professionals wishing to learn advanced techniques.

Programme Module 3
Tarifs par Module
lfdh atelier Tarifs par module de formation a distance

Module 3 Information

DURATION: Unlimited access for 12 months (24 months if 3 modules)

MATERIAL REQUIRED : A computer + an Internet connection

PRICE :  € 1,250

Validation (Option)

The objective of the validation is to help you in the development of the research of the creation of a made-to-measure lampshade.
It is important that you have the manual know-how
  , and that you also have a global, commercial approach, and listen

necessary to meet your customer's needs.
3 case studies are discussed in each module , and correspond to the work you respectively studied.

Each study allows you to ask you various questions to bring you new knowledge.

The validation  allows you to put into practice technical, creative commercial and financial knowledge

In practice: You receive each validation accompanied by a work guide in order to answer by a questioning method that leads you to think about all the aspects of an exchange of advice with your client. You can then take into account the "relational" "commercial", "financial", "and" Practical "criteria in order to bring complete satisfaction to your interlocutor.

Each validation is then worked on step by step by a * telephone meeting of one, after sending your work (report, photos, and any other support ...)

* One hour telephone meeting per case study , which leaves plenty of time to discuss


The certification

At the end of your training (Modules 1 & 2), on presentation of the different lampshades produced, you will receive  your Abatjouriste Certificate

The certification allows you to have a reference with Private Customers, Specifier customers and in the world of Decoration

The Equipment & Supplies Pack

pack materiel fournitures Carcasses abat-jour formation et stage
pack materiel fournitures Carcasses abat-jour formation et stage

Module 1
1.1 Cylindrical 35 or Oval right 25
1.2 Conical circle nu35
  / Head V10
1.4 Oval with cut sides
1.5 Scalloped conical circle nu10 / Head V8
1.6 Drum
1.7 Pyramid
1.8 Tense Oval

Module 2
2.1 Tulip
2.2 Standard Plissé Dior
2.3 Standard Shirred Bias
2.4 Banner pagoda

2 rolls of polyphane (50 x 120)
5 Scotch Doubleface rolls (3/6/9/12/14)
Double Compass 40/52
Extra strong tape 7.5
Fabrics sample
Polyphane samples
Wooden stick (overflow)
Japanese rule

Contenu Pack
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