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Distance Learning Testimonials

Bonsoir Sylvie,
Bravo pour cette vidéo très explicite ; j'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé.
En effet, j'ai préféré prendre à la carte pour le moment mais j'aspire quand même à davantage dans quelques temps.
Je vais déjà m'entrainer avec ce modèle.
Encore merci.
Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.


Hello Sylvie

I just watched the first videos while waiting to receive the material, and I am delighted. I am so happy to take this training. I was so keen on it ... It's clear, it's clear, it's Pro.



Hello Sylvie,

I just sent you a long message which has disappeared ..... so I start again ...

  At the end of the year, I wanted to tell you how delighted I am to have made the decision to do this training alongside you.

  This learning method suits me perfectly and it must be said, your videos are of superb quality.

Everything is very well detailed, explained, filmed ... for my part it is an excellent quality training. I had to tell you!


What emerges from it is fascinating, besides technical learning, thanks to you, I learned to defend my work.

I finally manage to explain and defend my prices, proud of my work that I will not devalue to sell in place of another. Finally proud to say no to sales, to black friday ... proud to defend an art profession!

Thanks to you, I finally manage to feel good about a job. And to want to do just that! 

So thank you to you for your kindness, your help, your kindness, your professionalism and the desire you give to persevere!

I am delighted to have ordered my module 3. 

I wish you at the end of the year full of good things but above all health.

I'm glad to have met you, I give you big kisses.

D ....

(My answer)

Hello D ....,

Your message touches me deeply. You couldn't give me a better gift the day before my birthday 😄🤗 ... I sometimes have doubts, not about my job because I do everything to make people happy but on the freelance work where we sometimes feels a little lonely.

You are right to be proud of your work, you have the taste, the qualities, the professionalism for it, and I am happy to be able to contribute to it.

You will see that you will also find pleasure with Module 3. Presented a little differently since it is aimed at "professionals", more direct in the development of the lampshade, sometimes showing you my weaknesses, my research. This proves that we are always in questioning, in research and that we must remain humble in this beautiful profession because as I say: It is the lampshade that will always have the last word. (Following...)



Hello Sylvie,
Thank you for all the encouragement!
I attack the validations and it is very very interesting.
So, a lot of work to do these validations.
  I will see next week where I am.  Kiss you and take good care of you !!!
Aurélie, your devoted apprentice

Hello Sylvie,
Thank you for your well received submissions!
Everything works except the document "conical festoon free" which did not arrive in pdf.
Otherwise, I soak up and started watching your videos, which are very clear and very pleasant to watch.


Good evening Sylvie,
I received the packages yesterday afternoon and everything was perfect. Thank you to you and for your nice little note.
So today, I embarked on the realization of my first lampshade: the laminated oval.
I recently finished it. I am delighted with the result, I had no problems except my fabric which is unraveling and I am missing a small clip to properly stretch the border at the closure.
Your explanations are really great. It feels like being in the workshop with the advantage that we can stop you and restart you whenever we want!
I will send you some pictures tomorrow.


Hello Sylvie,
... And otherwise, despite my mistakes, I loved making these lampshades. And I love your training, it's a real treat
I look forward to your feedback and advice (and your indulgence ...) when you have time. And thank you again for your responsiveness ...
Kind regards,


Hello Sylvie,
  And I'm waiting for some fabric for the drum shade (yours on the video is magnificent!).
In short, I like to make lampshades, I am happy with the fabrics, the seams and the reflection of the light. Choosing your course was the right choice!
See you soon,


Hello Sylvie,
... In between, I made a few for fun because I love gathers and finding fabrics that reflect light well. Anyway, I have an interest in stocking because my friends, my sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law are crazy about these lampshades .... !!!
And now I'm going to jump into the stretched oval with great curiosity ....
AT  ..., your dedicated (and passionate!) apprentice


Hello Sylvie,
...Yes, no problem. It is well explained. and if we stumble upon something, we listen to it again and we take a good look.
In any case, it is very precise. I learned about the margins because I was "snapping by the meter". And I posed directly on the circle. So it can only be more beautiful as a finish and much more impeccable;


Hello Sylvie,
There you have it, there is plenty to work on, I will disassemble and redo a second time as you have advised me to train myself well before moving on to the next next one,
The videos are well done, could only ......
See you soon.


Good evening Sylvie,
... I would now like to continue the training with the videos of module 3 where there are lampshades that I really like ...


Dear Sylvie,
I hope you had a good weekend? The weather is already fine in Bordeaux! Here, it's raining and it's super gray.
I really appreciated this first video, you speak softly, the images are very clear and you are very pedagogical but as I am a little awkward, and especially a beginner beginner !!,
  I have some questions! (I also took notes for my exercises) And thank you again for your help and generosity.
Sylvie R


Dear Sylvie,
You offered me an appointment this week, for my part I prefer the weekend as that I have already worked
I'm like a student, I'm getting younger !!!
Great night


Hello Sylvie,
I have
  another one  little question, I worked last night !! the double face of closure is it 15mm and that of the margins of length 12mm. I have a doubt because in the video you talk about 15 but in the supply only 12 mm and it is very clear when you work with the tongue.
Many thanks for your patience


Hello Sylvie,
It was great our first Skype lesson! It made me feel good to share our passion
I wish you a great weekend, take care of yourself


Good evening Sylvie,
Thank you for giving me time tonight, I imagine you must be exhausted after a day of internship!
It is clearer especially for the margins! I can go for it, I think I'll start tomorrow night.
thank you for your availability
Have a good evening


From a colleague, and therefore a competitor who did not follow my training:
I think distance education is not appropriate for teaching a manual trade ...
I know, however, that you have at least
  one of my former students, who is very happy with your teaching 🙄🙃

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